Brick Killer


Brick Killer is the very first C++ game i’ve made. It is an old skool breakout clone. This means you’re controlling a bat and you need to make the ball hit bricks so that they break and disappear. There are multiple play types but they dont all work. The most completed play type is free play. Here you just get a group of bricks which you have to destroy, try get as high amount of points as possible. The level mode is playable as well but has more flaws than the free play type. In this type you can load a more appealing grid of bricks, i didnt get to building in level chains so you can select the level yourself.

Sadly this project crashed. I was working on implementing other play types besides the free play when i found myself recoding a lot of stuff i had allready made earlyer. I tried to make this project object-oriented (about which i had no clue what it was back then)  and that totally messed everything up. It didnt compile anymore and ofcourse i didn’t have any version control or any proper backups back then.


  • Free Play: A solid grid of bricks, try get the ball to stay up for more points.
  • Level Mode: You can load a premade level to play with.
  • Level Creator: Create your own levels. G button to show/hide the grid, H button to show/hide the hud.
  • Gun: Pick up the powerup to start firing bullets at the bricks.
  • Settings: Save your settings for your next play session.
  • Escape / Exit button to quit. End to stop the program right away.


Language: I made this game in C++.

API’s: WinApi for the window and gameloop and all that sort of things. Rendering with WinGDI and sound with SDL.

Tools: For programming i used Dev-C++. Images and gui are designed in Xara and edited in Paint Shop Pro. For sounds the credits will have to go to unknown people. I know at least some are from DirectX but the others i cant really remember.


There are loads of bugs really so i wont describe them here. Just note that the secondary ball is only visible in Free Play and that the board might act weird if you have two balls and one drops or the board is destroyed.

Also note that if you’re playing Level Mode that if you’re loading a level every folder you pass will get some logs in them so dont forget to delete them afterwards to keep your file system clear.


The game can be downloaded here. Note that it’s Windows only.


Main Menu:











Free Play:












Level Mode:

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